Mosquitoes are most commonly known to ruin a good family event after dusk. Don't let mosquitoes get the best of your event!

Tell Mosquitoes to Buzz Off!

Mosquitoes are pesky pests that can cause diseases such as West Nile virus, dengue, malaria, and zika.

How did they get here?
Often times, mosquitoes can be mistaken for flies, but their legs are much longer and have a head that has a prominent proboscis. They are most commonly found buzzing around from dusk to sunrise. Mosquitoes generally stay outdoors but can follow you indoors.


Just a little Mosquito?
No, females have piercing mouthparts which can later cause a lot of discomfort and irritation on your skin. When a mosquito bites you, her saliva creates a small, red bump. This is what produces the red bumps we all know as a “mosquito bite”. Mosquitoes also carry diseases and are capable of passing them from host to host which can lead to serious health problems.


The protein gathered blood by the females are used to produce their eggs. These eggs can lay up to 100 at a time and can be found on standing pools of water such as bird baths, mud puddles, lakes or ponds.


I bet you didn’t know this:
Female mosquitoes only bite and extract blood, males cannot draw blood.


Do-it-Yourself Ineffectiveness:
Most do-it-yourself mosquito control approaches do not work at truly preventing the issue. BOOM Pest Control can complete an in-home evaluation and treatment to reduce your families risk of those pesky mosquitoes. Please keep in mind though, our services do not completely eliminate them, as we do not have complete control of swamp areas or forests around your home.

Our Approach

From our first meeting, we’ll evaluate your unique situation, apply a solution and then observe and monitor the results. This is what we call our E.A.O. approach to pest control. Here’s what you can expect:


We’ll take a look at your pest problem with a detailed inspection by one of our certified technicians. From there, we will design a custom plan fit specifically for your needs.


Boom will apply or install the necessary products that focus on reduction of the pests and prevention for future infestations.


We’ll observe and manage our work by communicating with you on a regular basis to make sure your pests stay controlled.

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