Protect your reputation (and your bottom line) with the help of BOOM and their trusted pest control team, to give your customers the best possible experience.

Welcome your customers… not pests.

Your goal like most retail businesses is to attract people into your store, not pests. Let BOOM help.

When you choose BOOM Pest Control to your team we will ensure that your store’s reputation is protected from pest infestations. Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of competition within the retail industry. A major factor between success or failure has to do with customer satisfaction. Before your team delivers that 5-star service you expect them to give, your consumer must feel welcomed to your store. Crawling pests or an awkward odor will create the opposite effect. Not to mention, the bad promotion the individual will most likely deliver to others.


Depending on the structure, retail stores biggest problems are the control of cockroaches, ants, rodents, flies, and birds. You will find these pests to be the main cause of disease and contamination inside and outside of your store. The worst part: in most cases, they can do this without you even knowing!


To avoid this happening to your store, it’s crucial to have a proactive approach to pest control management at your establishment. In contrast, having a reactive approach can cost thousands of dollars, not to mention, severe damage to your reputation.


A proactive approach to pest control is vital to the success of your retail store. This is especially true when it comes to your store being audited by third parties. Receiving a thorough and effective inspection by a pest control specialist is a fundamental aspect of your success rate in an internal audit.


When you choose BOOM Pest Control to manage your pest problems, you will receive a program specifically designed for your needs. We understand that no two retail stores are alike and that is why we will have one of our certified technicians visit your facility for a FREE consultation.

Our Approach

From our first meeting, we’ll evaluate your unique situation, apply a solution and then observe and monitor the results. This is what we call our E.A.O. approach to pest control. Here’s what you can expect:


We’ll take a look at your pest problem with a detailed inspection by one of our certified technicians. From there, we will design a custom plan fit specifically for your needs.


Boom will apply or install the necessary products that focus on reduction of the pests and prevention for future infestations.


We’ll observe and manage our work by communicating with you on a regular basis to make sure your pests stay controlled.

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