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This will make you think twice about eating that hot dog after a fly just landed on it…

Did you know that flies actually carry diseases that are harmful to humans and animals? Typhoid fever, cholera, bacillary dysentery and hepatitis, just to name a few.

How did they get here?
Any day that is warm and sunny, if you have a window or door open, the flies will enter into your home. Fly eggs are laid in mostly any warm or moist environment. Bad for us, but good for the flies!


Flies can reproduce fast…
One pair of flies can produce more than 1,000,000 offspring in a matter of weeks.


Your New Roommates:
It’s critical to eliminate flies as soon as possible since flies spread diseases as they move quickly from rooting, diseases –landed garbage to exposed human foods and utensils. Because flies can’t fly for extended amounts of time, they have to land often. Hence, they can deposit thousands of bacteria each time they land.


Just a fly?
Most people just think of a fly as just annoying, but it’s important to know that every time a fly lands, it expels off thousands of microbes. Therefore, when a fly lands on something you eat or use to eat, like a fork, it can cause you to ingest serious illness such as diarrhea, food poising, meningitis and even bloodstream infections.


I bet you didn’t know this:
There are more than 16,000 species of flies in North America and are known to be everywhere in the world except the polar ice caps. In addition, the Department of Agriculture reported that flies contaminate and destroy $10,000,000,000 worth of agricultural products yearly.


Do-it-Yourself Ineffectiveness:
Most do-it-yourself fly control approaches do not work at eliminating the main source of the problem. Because there are many different types of fly species, it’s critical to identify the exact fly and treatment for your specific infestation.

Our Approach

From our first meeting, we’ll evaluate your unique situation, apply a solution and then observe and monitor the results. This is what we call our E.A.O. approach to pest control. Here’s what you can expect:


We’ll take a look at your pest problem with a detailed inspection by one of our certified technicians. From there, we will design a custom plan fit specifically for your needs.


Boom will apply or install the necessary products that focus on reduction of the pests and prevention for future infestations.


We’ll observe and manage our work by communicating with you on a regular basis to make sure your pests stay controlled.

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